How the all-new Ford GT optimizes performance in all driving conditions

The Ford GT is a true driving machine, providing an experience unequalled for performance aficionados. These owners demand control and customization in their vehicle, which is no ordinary grocery getter. With this in mind, the engineers at Ford Performance set out to ensure that the all-new Ford GT would perform for each owner in any driving condition. The solution was an exclusive set of five drive modes that are available with the simple turn of a knob, making driving the Ford GT in any condition an absolute joy! FordGTDriveModeStory_RRKP_C06 With Normal, Wet, Sport, Track, and V-Max modes, Ford GT drivers know their supercar is prepared to tackle whatever comes their way. When the driver changes between modes, the Ford GT makes adjustments to its electronic, mechanical and aerodynamic elements, keeping it optimized for any-and-all road conditions. Ford Performance uses insights gained on the race track to ensure drivers get the most out of the fastest Ford production vehicle of all time. It’s just another way Ford wants all drivers go further – no matter where life takes you. 26-1 Ford Performance in every detail Check out the table below for specifics on how the drive modes optimize the Ford GT for different driving conditions. From a track session to a picturesque cruise on a winding road, tell us which drive mode you’d love to experience. Let us know if the comments below or on the Ford Canada Facebook page! table ** – not for street use