Ford EcoSport Now Available in Canada spring 2018

For eight of the last nine years, Ford Canada has sold the most automobiles of any OEM in this country. In 2017, that represented 308,500 cars, light trucks or SUV-type vehicles. Within Canada for 2017, a total of some light trucks (including SUVs and crossover) led the way in 2017 with sales of 1,398,975 units–an increase of 8.7% and claiming a whopping 68.6% market share. This statistic toward utility-type vehicles has been trending for several years now. That is quite an achievement, to be sure.

It’s important to note that auto sales in Canada have been climbing steadily for a number of years. With the addition of the new-to-this-market EcoSport, Ford will now be competing in the sub-compact crossover utility category and will have every conceivable demographic covered. Adding a new vehicle to their SUV/crossover will possible not cannibalize sales for any existing marque in the Ford portfolio. One can only imagine the final figures at the end of December 2018. Although new to the Ford’s North American product line-up in calendar 2018, the Ford EcoSport (to be pronounced “echo” sport), is a subcompact crossover SUV, originally built in Brazil by Ford Brazil since 2003. A secondgeneration model was launched in 2012.

EcoSport at Auto Show 2018: The all new EcoSport will be showcased at the Auto Show as the theme of the Auto Show is The New Movement; exploring the evolution of the automobile driven by personalization, mobility and rapid advancements in new infrastructure and technology. Ford kickstarts this year with exciting new technological features for all its vehicle line-up. Apart from the App assistance, ford has got many interesting features like “Build & Price” on the website where one can build their EcoSport from the roof down, can also configure the engine and all wheel drive features. Ford EcoSport will be at display during the Canadian International Auto Show 2018 at 222 Bremner Blvd., Toronto, ON M5V 3L9.