2020-2021 Stripped Chassis Models

2020-2021 Stripped Chassis Models

2020-2021 Stripped Chassis

The 2020 F-59 is our highest-rated commercial stripped chassis, available in a wide range of wheelbases and GVWRs up to 22,000 lbs. The standard 73L V8 engine generates 350 horsepower and 468 lb.-ft of torque.

A strong foundation

Taking it to the next level

The 2020 F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis comes with a new electrical system architecture and provides an impressive base to build your commercial vehicle. If you have leisure in mind, then start making memories with the 2020 F-53 Motorhome Stripped Chassis, available with all-new suspension packages for improved handling and an increased centre of gravity build capability. No matter your vocation, each stripped chassis is ready for a wide variety of applications with new available driver-assist and safety features. And standard with a new 7.3L V8 Premium-Rated engine, the 2021 E-Series Stripped Chassis also comes with the option of an Economy-Rated engine.

Confidence-driving technologies

Making life on the road easy and enjoyable

The 2020 F-53, F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis and 2021 E-Series Stripped Chassis come standard with safety features to help supplement your driving skills. Plus, with the addition of available driver-assist technologies you can feel confident completing any task.

The new 7.3L V8

Newest Edition

The 2020 F-53, 2020 F-59 and 2021 E-Series Stripped Chassis offer a new 7.3L V8 gas engine to get your business moving. The 2021 E-Series is available with two unique engine calibrations, the 7.3L V8 Premium-Rated engine and the option of an Economy-Rated engine, both paired with a six-speed heavy-duty automatic transmission and offering upwards of 445 cubic inches of displacement for impressive power.

Safety tech

Available Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

This feature, available on the 2020- F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis, can help reduce the severity of, and possibly eliminate, a collision with a vehicle or pedestrian directly in front of you. The system can detect a potential collision, then emit an audible alert as well as a warning message displayed in the message centre. What's more, Automatic Emergency Braking can precharge and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you do brake. If you don't take corrective action and a collision is imminent, brakes can apply automatically.

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