Introducing the 2022 all-electric Transit.* It’s designed to help businesses achieve sustainability goals by lowering their fleet’s carbon emissions by going all-electric.


Access To The Largest Public Charging Network In North America

On the road, Ford customers will have simple and easy access to the largest public charging network in North America offered by automotive manufacturers, with over 13,500 charging stations and growing.*

In addition, we’re also developing charging and energy management solutions for commercial and fleet needs. These solutions will coincide with the launch of the 2022 all-electric Transit, and are designed to help you transition your fleet to electrification.


Tailored To Your Business

Available in chassis cab, cutaway and cargo van models, the 2022 all-electric Transit* comes in three lengths and three roof heights and features a seamlessly integrated battery that results in uncompromised cargo space. Which means, it’s designed for the job at hand — whether it’s delivering packages or operating a mobile repair shop.

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