Owning a car is an important milestone that comes with lots of responsibilities. The research does not stop after you’ve made a purchase – you have to think of the maintenance and the car care that comes with owning a vehicle, and that can be a lot to consider! Luckily, Ford offers many services to help you stay safe and to keep your car in shape.

What Ford Offers

Starting with the basics: The Works & The Diesel Works. Depending on what vehicle you drive, each thorough check up does more than just take a look at your oil (but they do that too). The Works goes beyond an oil and filter change and checks off 83 points – all performed by a Ford Trained Technician. Tires and brakes are easily taken care of too, and Ford offers a lifetime warranty on Motorcraft brake pads and shoes.

Ford Services

A Ford Vehicle has a personalized scheduled maintenance, and that’s important to stick to for your safety, but also to keep your car running efficiently. These specified maintenance checks use tools that are only available at your Ford Service Center, and your personalized schedule is based on your vehicle and the driving conditions.

Quick Lane

The Quick Lane service is an easy option and the best option for those who have busy schedules. You can bring in your vehicle with no appointment and relax as your car is taken care of – no exclusions to any make or model. It’s quick and designed for light repairs at reasonable prices. The services include: maintenance, tires & brakes, oil & filter, wiper blades, lamps & bulbs, battery checks, and a few others.

Roadside Assistance

You can plan ahead and follow your scheduled maintenance calls, but something could still go wrong – that’s just life! This assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while driving in Canada or the continental United States, and covers services like mechanical breakdown towing, accident towing, battery boosts, winching, flat tires, and the (dreaded but common) lockout service. Of course there are exceptions, and limits to the coverage, but anyone at your Ford dealership can explain them to you!

Ford Protect

Ford Protect is a service that helps cover failure of covered components due to defects in material and workmanship and normal wear & tear. For covered repairs, you would only pay the applicable deductible. To make sure you’re covered for all your car needs, Ford offers six different plans and coverage options: premium, extra, base, powertrain, diesel and lease care.
When you’ve chosen to buy a vehicle, you want to be assured that you’ll be ready to face whatever comes your way and have the coverage to help with that. A good thing to keep in mind about Ford Protect is that if your New Vehicle Limited Warranty is nearing expiration or has expired already, having Ford Protect helps to protect you against unexpected repair bills.
Ford Service provides a variety of coverage – which is helpful to you whether it’s your first time owning a vehicle or you’ve had a few, it means you are always prepared.

Check out the Newcomer Program booklet.