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2023 Ford Escape®

U.S. Model Shown.

It’s Time To Get Away

Emails. Meetings. Deadlines. Leave the everyday drama behind with the 2023 Escape® compact SUV.

Optional equipment shown.

Escape® SUV Lets You… Well, You Know

Is the Ford Escape® the most appropriately-named SUV ever? See for yourself.

Design That Sets You Apart

Looks may not be everything. But it’s at least in the Top 2.

Capability That Sets Things Rolling

From the daily grind to last-minute plans, its flexibility meets spontaneity.

Tech That Sets You Free

Escape brings the world to you, while seamlessly linked to your smartphone.

Find Your Perfect Engine Match

EcoBoost®. Hybrid. Plug-in Hybrid. * Whether you’re into an engine that’s more thrill-inducing, more mile-squeezing, or a little bit of both… choose whichever best suits you.

*Optional Hybrid engine and Plug-in Hybrid engine. Available at Ford EV-certified dealers only.

Style By The Mile

A strikingly elegant exterior. An ultramodern interior. And a distinctive available coast-to-coast LED light bar that makes every social post stand out.

Optional equipment shown.

Compact, Not Compromised

Escape® is ready for life’s curves, bumps, and occasional “Whoa, I did not see that coming.”

Connectivity, Wherever You Look

Take your digital world on the road for added convenience and fun.

Optional equipment shown.

2023 Escape® Models

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